Frequently Asked Questions

How does CompleteWPCare work?

  • We start by making a complete backup of your website files and database – daily backups apply to all care plans
  • We then secure your website with industry best techniques
  • We update any out of date plugins* or the WordPress version
  • We setup 24/7 monitoring so if your site goes offline, we’ll know straight away
  • We setup regular monthly reports so you’ll always know how we are caring for your website
* Some plugins require a licence or licence key in order for updates to be applied. You must supply these for any paid or premium plugins that require these for updating.

Why is WordPress maintenance so important?

Just like a car, your modern WordPress website requires servicing and updating to keep it running smoothly. 

From time to time security patches may need to applied and or updates installed for the plugins that help run your site. All of these are critical to not only keeping your website running smoothly but to also protect you from hacking.

Security is also extremely important and we use industry best techniques to firstly block known attack methods but to also install a firewall which is updated independently in real time to protect your site from known threats.

Backups also form a key component of keeping your website online. If there’s a problem with an update we can quickly revert back to the most recent backup (at most it will only be 24 hours old) and keep you online.

Our plans start at just $2 per day to provide premium care and protection for your WordPress website. Review our care plans here.

How much experience does CompleteWPCare have?

CompleteWPCare is owned by Proweb Services & Training which has been building and maintaining websites on multiple platforms for over 15 years and for the past 5 years almost exclusively in WordPress.

We have been involved in building over 200 WordPress websites covering everything from simple one page websites to membership and complex ecommerce sites using WooCommerce and providing the ongoing maintenance of many of those sites. 

My website has been hacked, can you still help?

Yes, we can help you with an already hacked website. Fees will be quoted according to the severity of the intrusion.

If your site has been hacked, please contact us immediately for assistance.

Where is my site backed up to?

All our plans include daily backups to Amazon Cloud Storage in the Untied States. For our Premium and WooCommerce plans we also run daily backups to our own Google Drive storage.

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We have care plans starting at just $2 per day keeping your website safe, backed up and up to date.

Is your online presence worth the cost of half a cup of coffee a day?

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